World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2018,a new journey starts from here


The 2018 World Elevator & Escalator Expo came to an end!
It is said that the customer is God, but what if too many God?
This scene was actually staged, just at the 2018 World Elevator & Escalator Expo, just at the booth of Hytone.​

Since the opening of the exhibition on May 8th, for a few days, the Hytone booth has been filled with guests. In addition to the three magic weapons of Hytone - intelligent AGV parking robot Hybox, intelligent pinching robot Robot and stereo garage model attracted a lot of attention, but also attracted a lot of merchants, some with interest to talk, some talked about cooperation with the goal, and some talked about the project with drawings.

 The "God" succession exceeded the expectations of Hytone. The reception desk was full of people, and the turnover rate was no less than that of the popular restaurants. Moreover, most of these "God" are still "foreign gods", have different colors of skin, and have a wide variety of English. The staff of the company's foreign trade department have no problem at all. The staff of other departments temporarily put on a cup of coffee and greet them, let the late "God" sit alone and wait bored until it turns over.


​The introduction of the Hybox intelligent AGV parking robot by Hytone is undoubtedly a bright spot. The intelligent AGV parking robot is a development direction of the parking industry. Prospective and capable enterprises are working hard to compete in the industry. Out of the top.

Therefore, planting the phoenix tree not only attracts the golden phoenix, but also attracts other phoenix trees. Some visiting peers said that they have been speculating that the leading Hytone source in the industry should act in the AGV development. However, there has been no news disclosure. The sudden appearance of Hybox has aroused their 

great interest. I hope that the peers can exchange ideas and learn from each other to jointly push China's parking business to a new height.

At the exhibition, Hytone was full of harvest, once again showing the company's leading position in the industry, confirming the company's ability to innovate.

The curtain has fallen and the new journey has already set sail.



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