AGV Parking System

Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot

Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot
Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot
Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot
Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot
Hybox AGV Smart Parking Robot



Smart parking robot

Using the core technology of machine vision laser automatic navigation, we have developed lift-and-grip parking robots that can significantly increase the parking space. "Intelligent parking robots" have solved the problem of how to solve the world's problems of incremental transformation in existing parking lots.
The "Smart Parking System" consists of parking robots, parking management systems, and intelligent dispatch systems. The core of the software system  artificial intelligence algorithms is to complete the processes including storing cars, storing cars, leaving warehouses, picking cars, checking inventory, and paying. It could effectively increase the storage space of parking lots, increase the parking density, improve the response speed of access vehicles, and reduce the management fees for parking lots.
The robot uses machine vision and laser navigation technology to realize unmanned and intelligent system control with a positioning accuracy of less than 5mm, a maximum traveling speed of 1.5m/s and a load capacity of 2.5 tons. Based on the artificial intelligence dispatch system, 200 robots can be scheduled at the same time. The driver only needs to drive the car into a preset parking pallet, receive a parking ticket or scan a QR code, and the system will automatically assign the robot to transport the car to a designated parking space. The average parking and pick-up time does not exceed 5 minutes. When picking up the car, the driver can choose to pay by mobile phone or pay by card, and can pick up the car at the parking platform. The car pick-up process can also add-on the reservation function, by informing the system in advance to move the car to the parking platform. The driver can quickly pick up the car when the driver arrives at the parking platform within the time of booking.
"Smart parking system" can be combined with a mechanical garage at the same time, using lifts to create a multi-storey parking space. Garage construction can eliminate unnecessary ramps, walkways, and increase the utilization of plane and three-dimensional space. Compared with traditional parking, drivers can enjoy a more efficient parking experience, eliminating the tedious steps of finding a parking space, reversing storage, finding a vehicle, finding an exit, and queuing fees.
Intelligent parking robot system
A.License plate recognition system automatic link with schedule system, real-time access available parking spaces.
B.Path automatic planning for AGV leads to maximum efficiency for storing and picking cars.
C. Combined with stereo garage to maximize parking capacity.
D.Real time billing, online payment.
E.Set the storing-picking buffer area to facilitate users to store and pick cars.
F.Provide users to query real time car status.
The three core systems of the product are:
1, intelligent parking robot (AGV);
2, intelligent dispatching system;
3, parking management software (PMS).
The key technologies of these core systems are as follows:
A.The overall mechanical structure of parking AGV
The mechanical structure of parking AGV is the basis of it, including the driving unit, the lifting unit, the support and so on. It plans the layout of all mechanical parts of the parking AGV, and determines the method of the basic moving, turning and transporting the cars.
B.The main control unit
The main control unit is controlled by DSP+FPGA, with fast data processing and high degree of freedom in hardware design.
C.The drive unit
The drive unit includes motor drivers, encoders, bearings, wheels. The driving system ensures moving forward & backward, turning left & right, left & right translation, and spin around in two dimensions.
D.The lifting unit
The lifting unit consists of lifting motors and electric cylinders. The motors drive the ball screw through the synchronous belt to change the horizontal motion to vertical upward movement, so that the platform can be raised in the vertical direction.
E.The navigation unit
The navigation unit can be customized by magnetic stripe navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation and two-dimensional code navigation, according to the requirements of customers.
F.The obstacle avoidance unit
The obstacle avoidance unit use laser radar sensors, which can quickly identify the distance of the objects around the parking AGV to avoid the collision of the AGV and protect the safety of the cars.
G.The communication unit
The communication unit is composed of WIFI module, router and so on, Which can remote control the functions of parking AGV. The unit is designed to introduce the idea of "Internet of things +" in the intelligent parking system. It also develops multilevel network from different layers of motion control bus, sensor network, field bus, mobile Internet and commercial Ethernet. The parking agv system solves the networked control and remote control of the robot, and finally realizes the large data analysis, scientific decision and deployment in the storage and logistics industry.
H.The power module
The power module consists of batteries and a charging device. The sets of batteries are equipped with a communication interface, which can detect battery state in real time. The power supply device and charging device are integrated on one board to reduce the internal volume, and the power supply devices and charging devices are isolated from each other. The function of low power automatic charging ensures the normal operation of the parking AGV.
I.Industrial design
Modern industrial products pay more and more attention to industrial design. Artistic and reasonable industrial design plays an important role in whether a product can succeed or not. The first generation AGV appearance design is artistic, simple and generous.

Basic parameters


Environmental requirements












Protection grade


Rated load capacity


Ground flatness


Maximum speed


Max capacity


Navigation mode

Visual navigation, laser navigation, magnetic nail navigation

Ground roughness


Moving function

Forward, backward, translation,

Ground expansion joint


Forward, backward, translational, spin and turn

Ground friction coefficient


Brake mode

Deceleration motor and electromagnetic brake

Ability to cross barrier


Driving and steering

Double steering wheel

Charger power supply

Commercial Power

Width of laneway


Power supply for wireless devices

Commercial Power

Climbing performance

Foundation pit of charging equipment


Spin radius


Strength grade of mixed soil

C35 and emery surface

Communication mode




Battery configuration

48V 100A



Charging mode

Automatic charging



Charging time




Endurance time

Full load > 6h



Guidance precision


Car lift


Stop precision




maximum power




Driving power




Load power





Intelligent dispatching system
A.Task allocation

Task allocation is to allocate the unfinished car storing and picking tasks to AGVs, so as to achieve the best overall execution effect and improve the efficiency of the system. The quality of task allocation has a crucial impact on the overall efficiency of intelligent car storing and picking.


B.Multi robot path planning

Path planning means finding an optimal or suboptimal path from the starting point to the end, so that the AGV can safely bypass all the obstacles in the process of moving. Path planning is the basic problem in intelligent parking system. How to ensure the safe moving of a large number of AGVs in high dynamic is the core of the parking system.


Parking management software (PMS)



A.License plate recognition system automatic link with schedule system, real-time access available parking spaces.
B.Real time billing, online payment.
C.Set the storing-picking buffer area to facilitate users to store and pick cars.
D.Provide users to query real time car status.
General Function
A.Control mode: AGV can be controlled by intelligent dispatching system, or manually controlled by mobile phone APP.
B.Task management: the task management system is scheduled according to the time sequence and the priority of tasks.
C.Car management: according to the location and state of the AGV at that time, PMS and intelligent dispatching system select the nearest free AGV execution task from the target point. AGV power monitor allows the AGV to be recharged when required.
D.Communication management: AGVs maintain real-time communication with the intelligent dispatching system through WIFI, receive scheduling tasks, and report execution results.
Safety Devices
A.Anti collision device: anti-collision bars are installed around AGV body, which can immediately cut off AGV power once the collision occurs. Drive motor brake will also start-up to achieve rapid stopping.
B.Safety detection device: laser ranging sensors are installed at AGV body diagonal position, which provide real-time obstacle distance monitoring.
C.Warning device: AGV equipped with warning lights and buzzer.
D.Emergency stop function: emergency stop buttons are set around the AGV body, and mobile phone APP can also stop AGV manually.
E.Fault AGV moving: manually control AGV out of the job site through mobile phone APP.
F.Fault alarm: the control system will report the AGV fault information to the intelligent dispatching system in real time.
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