PSH 2 level Puzzle Parking

Puzzle Parking System

PSH 2 level Puzzle Parking

Characterstics of the over ground two -level lift-sliding three-dimensional parking equipment: the upper level can be ascended and descended(can be also slid in special cased), and the lower level andbe slid horizontally.There are mainly two types according to the lifting mode:chain type and steel wire rope type.The equipment was a solid structure and is safe and reliable.It is convenient to operate,easy to maintain and is well adapted to different site.It can be both applied in over ground parking lot and underground parking lot.And can also be flexible assembled in the form of single-row and double-row.This kind of parking equipment is cost effective,so it is widely used in the market with the market share accounting for over 70%.

Our over ground two-level lift-sliding three-dimensional parkingequipment is protected for several patented technologies such as droppong prevention and losing prevention,and is also protected with multiple measures including limit switch overloas protection,anti-dropping prevention,photoelectric detection,emergency stop,detection of vehicle length and false entry prevention as well as leakage protection,so as ensure safe entry into the parking equipment.

Safety.Double lifting chain.Effectively preventing chain drops blocks and breaks.Anti-dropping steel frame fall protection to prevent any form of all. Reliable:Reducing failure occurred,high-precision tension sensor,running. Durable:Using movable pulley to halve the motor using only 1/2 rated torque. Easy maintenance/low cost:No need to constantly replace the motor frequently,even if need to replace the motor,also don’t need to move the vehicle,motor can be used for a long time.


Technical Parameter Table Two-level Lift-sliding Three-dimensional Garage
型式/Type Z(中型/Medium) D(大型/Large) T(特大型/Super Large)
Vehicle Size
车长/Length(mm) 4700 5000 5300
车宽/Width(mm) 1800 1850 1900
车高/Height(mm) 1450 1550 1550
Equipment Dimension 
车重/Wight(kg) 1500 1700 2350
WP(mm) 2350 2400 2450-2500
设备宽W/Width W W=WP*N(列数/number of columns)+125
L(mm) 5130 5430 5730
升降速度/Lifting Speed 4m/min
横移速度/Sliding Speed 8m/min
驱动方式/Driving Mode 电机链条式/Motor chain type
升降电动机/Lifting Moter 2.2KW
横移电动机/Sliding Motor 0.2KW
电源/Power Supply 三相五线制AC380V/50HZ/Three phase fivewire system AC380V/50HZ
操作方式/Operation Mode 人机界面/按键操作/Human-machine interface/button operation
停车容量/Parking Capacity N(列数/number of columns)*2-1
*注:特殊规格可制订*Note:Small Specifications,Available by customization

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